Friuli Evolution

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Friuli Evolution

I’m very glad to share an event where is involved my friend Alfredo Broccolo, environmentalist and videographer.

Enjoy your reading and, maybe, the event itself!


First Friulevolution Week: late summer dream in Friuli


A new initiative has just started in the stunning Dolomites mountains of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in Italy, to offer a week of activities aimed at discovering our body and mind creativity and intelligence.

The main aim of the newly established organisation behind this initiative, is to take responsible and eco-tourism to another level: the level of personal and spiritual growth, as the organisers believe that traveling to a place can be more then visiting a place. It can become an important part of the spiritual journey that all of us, at different levels, have already embarked on.

Participants to this adventure will have the chance to experience the beauty of the surrounding landscapes and take a refreshing dip into crystal clear mountain water, and engage in practical activities such as yoga and meditation, ceramic and basketry, sourdough bread and pizza and cheese-making workshops, and ayurvedic cooking among others.

Much effort is put to make sure participants reach a deep sense of inner peace via connecting with nature and via forging deeper interpersonal relationship with other people.

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