The Story

The Viverealtrimenti project was born in the spring of 2008, in Goa (India), from the exigency of having autonomous instruments of divulgation.
I had already published three books with the Roman publishing house Malatempora, and two of them revolved around intentional communities and ecovillages. Both were having a big success, being the only organic works in Italy (useful as guides too) written on this subject.
The easiest instrument of divulgation couldn’t be other than a blog. was born in April 2008 and I tried to organise it as an online magazine with different sections. For example, Bollettino Comunità Intenzionali ed Ecovillaggi, for brief notifications (and to host the newsletters of the most interesting international communities and the ecovillages) and Comunità Intenzionali ed Ecovillaggi to learn more about the subject. Storie di un’altra vita and Storie d’Oriente were born thanks to my interest for alternative lifestyles and my experiences in Asia (mostly in India), during the last few months of 2005.
My nomadic attitude inspired the section Riferimenti per i girovaghi del vivere alternativo which includes reports from my journeys, and my passion for knowledge as a way of integral growth, far from fideistic or sciolistic positions, inspired the homonymous blog.
The blog of Viverealtrimenti is open to external contributes, some of which come from freely twinned experiences.
In Chiang Mai (North of Thailand), in the autumn 2008, the website started to take form and to work in synergy with the blog. The site presents the communitarian realities I visited in Italy, in Europe and all around the world, and some more, too, as external contributes. It also presents many places I visited in Asia and gives some advices about what to see, where to sleep or eat, mixed with some historic and cultural elements. soon became a bilingual website and aims to be a connection platform among similar realities.
Viverealtrimenti Editrice was born in 2009, which focuses on what books and newspapers don’t cover. In May 2010 we published the first two books: Comuni, comunità ed ecovillaggi, my third book about this subject that represents “the flowering” of the two that had preceded it and Un giardino dell’Eden, my first work of fiction, which is settled half in non-existent communities and ecovillages, half in India.
For further details about Viverealtrimenti Editrice, you can visit the chi siamo section. Here we just want to say that our publishing house, together with the blog and the website, won’t just give voice to a fascinating “marginality” but, somehow in contrast with the traditional alternative culture, it intends to bring political, social and existential experiments to light. It will concur to the progressive realization of actually plural culture and society, exploiting the best opportunities offered by globalization, even promoting a “bottom-up globalization”, probing into the innermost depths of the emerging, Asiatic world (without neglecting some small yet big Occidental treasures) and creating a new dialogue and a mutual support in a worldwide space now close.
Encouraging the work online, enhancing the affinities and deglamorising a lot of misleading clichés represent the base of the Viverealtrimenti project, which I like to define (a bit defiantly) “Yes Global”.
All the best!

Manuel Olivares